Friday, November 03, 2006

Review: Slits at Bard

PoOPster Jim Finnigan writes: The Slits put on a great show at the Bard College Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room [how swanky is that name?] on Thursday 26 October. This free concert attracted mostly a hunnerd or so Bard stoonts but there was a smattering of nutters from out in the real world of neighboring Kingston and Woodstock and Poughkeepsie to groove to the Slits punky dubby sounds. After the opening acts ­ Shellshag (the White Stripes meet Television Personalities meet Z’ev ­ they had the ultimate minimalist punk song with “1, 2, 3”) and the Apes (Stereolab meets Devo) [and no, Leon Botstein did not give a music appreciation lecture at the start of the show…] the anticipation rose and finally out came Ari Up inna curly-locks stylee, Tessa on bass, and new recruits No (a/k/a Nadya) on lead guitar, Adele on scratchy guitar, Holly on harmonies, and clean-cut Anna on drums, launching into bird sounds and John Holt’s Man Next Door. Well, Ari tried to do bird sounds but the soundman had a little trouble figuring out how to do reverb and there was the little issue of Ari being on the guitar mike and No being on Ari’s mike and Tessa’s booming bass distorting through the stage monitors but after a humorously chaotic opening it all worked out irie. The Slits set was a great hi-energy selection of stuff from Cut and some of Ari’s True Warriors songs: Man Next Door / FM / World of Grown-ups / No More Cruel War / New Town / Shoplifting / Dennis Brown’s Revolution / Typical Girls / Kill Them With Love / Let’s Do the Split (2006 punky stylee). Lots of singing along ­ everybody knew the words - and some pogoing and jitterbugging (the stoonts, not the nutters) and girls invited on stage [a ‘typical boy’ declined the honor]. Lots of bass sound ­ Tessa was great! Ari had the band lower volume and vamp in a buncha songs so Tessa could dub up the bass and Ari could rap and toast inna dancehall stylee. Everyone had a great time and two of my pompous and opinionated colleagues ­ hi Bill! hi Raissa! ­ both agreed that it was a fun show and that Tessa and Ari were great!

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