Sunday, April 07, 2002

Welcome to the PoOPlist website portal / blog/ whatever. This site links to the pooplists from 2001. You can send folks the URL instead of sending them your precious hard copy. I have attempted to preserve the formatting of lists as much as possible. Some of the handwritten lists are presented as .jpeg image files. I have opened the blog to all the folks on the PoOPlist. This means that members will be able to post stories and links. If i have not sent you an email invite, please use one of the email links and ask me for a invite so that you can upload stuff to the blog. If you know of someone who might be interested, send them to me and tell me you sent them. Of coure, you'll be vouching for them! Members will be able edit their own posts, but not others'. As the admin, i'll be able to delete members or posts. Each post carries a "comment" tag at the bottom. By clicking here anyone anywhere will be able to talk back about the original post. Simple HTML is allowed in these comments. Subjects for the blog are up to the participants. I expect that it will be mostly music related, but if you have a story you think others would enjoy or benefit from, go for it! There is a link to my "In Lieu Of Radio..." blog so you can see what a blog might look like. There are lots more examples of blos on the left-nav part of That is also a very good place to find out how all this works. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy! The general formatting for posts is <a href="insert the URL here" target="_blank"><b> write out the title you want to give the link </b></a> There is an easy "Blog This!" feature on the page How To: Blog This! (Warning! This feature requires javascript) Any questions? Just use one of the email links on this page

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